The world in which we live is full of so many extraordinary things that we see every day - a spectacular sunset, a delicate flower, an incredible landscape, a majestic construct or cityscape – these and many other such things which often present themselves as obvious subjects for the photographer. Yet at the same time we encounter many other things that may not appear worthy of being photographed and of transformation into a piece of photographic art; perhaps a weathered and rusted item, which may not initially attract the eye and draw the interest of the photographer. As an artist, however, I believe that even on occasions when there may be no obvious, striking object of beauty, that through observation, creativity, and adaptability; using my eyes, the emotions of the heart and by searching with the mind, that something of beauty or interest can be found in even the abandoned and neglected, and that the true beauty inherent within each can be captured and conveyed to the world through the medium of photography.

In all facets of my craft, therefore - be it technically in the use of the camera, mentally and emotionally - searching deep within, I challenge myself in all circumstances to analyze my surroundings and to work with whatever materials are available, in order to produce beautiful art that will stand the test of time. In this regard my goal is not to be restricted by preset photographic rules of composition or technically in the use of my camera, but to approach the subject in whatever way is necessary to produce an image that compliments the subject in question, or tells the story of the moment in the best possible way.